• Proudly Independent !

    Providing a variety of fundamental nutritional products for your pets

    Treats and Toys too





    orders are still available by:



    facebook: www.facebook.com/cathedralpet/

    email: cathedralpetstop@sasktel.net

    ***allow 2 hours to fill online orders***

    **Do not e-transfer until order is confirmed**


    we are accepting all forms of payment

    cash, credit card, debit

    and e-transfer payments


    Frozen Raw Product is pick up only


    ***Prices subject to change***


    ***Unpaid orders will be held for 24 hours only***

    Tune in to facebook and instagram




    2924 13th Avenue




    open almost 7 days a week


    Sunday closed

    Monday 10-6

    Tuesday 10 - 6

    Wednesday 10 - 6

    Thursday 10 - 6

    Friday 10 - 6

    Saturday 10 - 6



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