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$24.99 - $102.99
Tripett and Tripe Dry are the first dry dog foods to feature the superfood green tripe as the number one ingredient in all its formulas. There's no other dog food like them.

Fresh meat & green tripe first:
We believe in using only the best ingredients, with fresh green tripe, a superfood for pets, and fresh meat as the first ingredients in each formula.

Sources you can trust:
All of our ingredients are sourced in Canada, New Zealand, and the USA. No exceptions.

Made in Canada:
Tripett and Tripe Dry are always produced right here at home, in Canada. That's how you know they're superior quality products.

No unhealthy extras:
We never add artificial preservatives, byproducts, corn, soy, grains, or wheat.

We're proud that Tripett and Tripe Dry reflect our commitment to supporting our customers in providing a healthy, active, and full life!
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